Houston Dry Ice Blasting

The Houston, Texas office for Emory Industrial Services coordinates our dry ice blasting and industrial cleaning services for the Greater Houston Area and the Southeastern United States. Our Houston office shares space with our sister company, Emory Dry Ice, which manufactures high quality dry ice in Houston for all of our jobsites and also sells product to the public and other companies.

Our industrial dry ice blasting process is used on cleaning heavy equipment, machinery, and facilities. We serve a wide variety of industries including petrochemical companies, power generation, renewables, industrial manufacturing, food & beverage production, and historical restoration.

Emory’s employees are trained to put safety first when on the jobsite, and are OSHA 10 certified, PEC certified, and ISNetworld certified. We ensure that proper safety apparel and accessories are worn and all times and take care to protect surrounding areas. Our dry ice blasting process is a non-toxic, non-flammable, and non-corrosive solution. Since dry ice is an eco-friendly product, it won’t leave any residue or harmful contaminants behind.

Houston Office

Oil & Gas

Preventative maintenance to increase equipment life expectancy, reduce downtown, and maximize profits.

Industrial & Manufacturing

Cleaning and restoration of equipment and interior spaces for increased safety and productivity.

Food & Beverage

Remove interior buildup and residue with our environmentally friend dry ice blasting process.

Houston Office

Houston Dry Ice Blasting Services:

Upstream Oil & Gas – Industrial cleaning using dry ice for drilling equipment, radiators, heavy machinery, and more

Downstream Oil & Gas – Dry ice blasting and industrial cleaning of refinery and oil & gas transport equipment

Historic Restoration – Dry ice cleaning of masonry, brick, metal, wood and other exposed surfaces

Food & Beverage Production– Dry ice blasting of equipment, ingredient lines, and ductwork using our robotic dry ice blasting

Industrial Manufacturing – Maintenance and cleaning of machinery, facilities, and duct and piping using industrial dry ice blasting

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