In late fall last year, Emory Dry Ice and NexGen joined forces to create Emory Industrial Services, a nationwide company that specializes in cleaning and maintaining heavy industrial equipment, and machinery and production facilities for customers in an array of industries including oil and gas, food and beverage, power generation, masonry restoration, manufacturing, construction, agriculture, and more.

With headquarters in Des Moines, IA, and a regional hub located in Abilene, TX, this merger allows Emory Industrial Services to meet its rapidly growing customer demand for cleaning and maintenance applications that are innovative, cost-effective, and environmentally sustainable.

“By joining forces with Emory, we can offer our existing and future customers better geographic coverage, an expanded service offering, substantially improved response times, and greater technological capabilities,” said Reggie Pimento, former head of operations at NexGen and now executive vice president for the oil and gas division at Emory. “From our high-quality service personnel to our robotics platform, we’re now well-positioned to become the industrial services firm of choice for our ever-growing customer portfolio. The market opportunities in front of us are incredibly promising. Our future is very bright.”

Travis Correll, chief operating officer at Emory said, “The market synergies, cultural values, and business philosophies between these two companies are as closely aligned as I’ve ever seen, which gives me great confidence in what we can do for our customers and shareholders as a combined force.”

Despite facing their fair share of economic headwinds during the turmoil of 2020, Emory Industrial Services looks forward to the future with confidence and experience. Founded in 2018, Emory Dry Ice Inc. experienced a seven-fold, year-over-year increase in revenue from 2018 to 2019, while NexGen experienced similar record growth since its founding in 2019. Unanimously approved by the shareholders and boards of directors of both companies, the deal officially closed on August 31, 2020.

A customer-centric company, Correll also added that, “Our already high standards for quality of work and customer service will be enhanced even more as a result of this transaction.” The eco-friendly industrial services company is now more capable than ever in providing cleaning and maintenance of heavy industrial equipment and machinery with an environmentally friendly cleaning application called dry ice blasting. In addition to Emory’s dry ice cleaning services, the company will also provide preventative maintenance services, mechanical services, dry ice equipment rental services, industrial disinfection services, while continuing to market and distribute high-quality dry ice.